Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"What do I wear under it?"

It's called a slip
A slip seems to becoming an article of clothing from the past. Once upon a time one wore a slip under every dress or skirt and blouse whether it required one or not.  These days it's very different.  Many young women don't have the occasion to wear a dress very often let alone a  formal one. This brings us to the subject of formal/ bridal wear. The question: "What do I wear under it" is one of the most common questions I hear during bridal appointments. Back in the day one was expected to wear all the necessary undergarments: bra, girdle, slip and stockings. So the dresses of the time could be a bit see through knowing that one would wear the proper 'foundation garments' underneath.  This brings me to the subject of old v.s new bridal gowns.  New bridal gowns tend to be built with all the foundation built in - no slips or girdles (spanx)  needed. They even have corsets built in to help pull you in tight in all the right places. Therefore, when brides are shopping for vintage dresses they are surprised by how light they are which is a good thing. Everyone likes light and airy. It has all the qualities you want in a wedding dress; easy, breezy, comfortable, except for one thing: it does not suck you in like the modern dresses. They are not form fitting and body hugging unless you wear the proper "undergarments". (Even then, the bridal fashions of the past were not that form fitting until you reached the late 1980's and then were bejeweled and bedazzled by all the pearls and sequins covering the whole gown). So, here lies the dilemma; you want the easy breezy look but you want to look a bit sexy showing your curves...
How do you get both?  Foundation Garments.