My Vintage Wedding

Designing my own wedding (I like to say I was a pioneer of DYI brides) was a key factor in developing my business in Vintage Bridal design. Of course it all centered around the DRESS.  I had always worn vintage and couldn't imagine a new ballgown type of dress - it just didn't suit my esthetics. In addition, being an artist I have always been into recycling and didn't like the idea of buying a new dress (even if I could afford the really beautiful ones out there). So, here I am in the finished product but it was a long road to getting here. More to come...

The search for my dress began of course with the vintage stores. Being a vintage girl since college it never occurred to me to wear anything else. Back in the day when I gave any thought to getting married I always envisioned wearing a beautiful satin 1940's gown. (Since the 1940's were my 'go to' style at the time this seemed only natural.) Fast forward almost 30 years to the actual time that I did get married: the 40's was still very much my style but an outdoor California wedding did not lend itself to a heavy satin dress. So, the hunt began. First, I admit I had to look in a few bridal magazines for some ideas but that went nowhere. The styles were so over the top and the few that looked like vintage lace was sooooo out of my price range.  Being 48 and in the middle of retro-fitting our newly purchased house I could not imagine spending that much on a dress.  Having let go of the idea of a 40's dress I had a clean slate but was stumped as to what I wanted at all.
     Back to the vintage stores and even thrift stores (hey, I was a thrift store junkie so I knew there were great things to be found!) I wasn't even looking for a wedding dress per se just something befitting an older bride with very unusual taste. Not too much to ask right?

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