Monday, August 4, 2014

My Love/hate relationship with Pinterest

OK, so here's the deal.  I love Pinterest for all the reasons anyone does. It allows you to capture images to inspire, dream and wish upon. You can share them with friends and see what others are dreaming about as well. As a consumer I think it's a wonderful tool and I appreciate the platform they have created. On the other side, as a business owner I tend to feel a just a little disgruntled when a bride-to-be sends me pictures of her fantasy dress (emphasis on fantasy) on Pinterest.  These are all gorgeous designer dresses with designer price tags.  Of course, the bride wants that same dress (or one very similar) for around $500. Really? I'm only guessing that they think they can get a dress at less the cost because vintage can sometimes be cheaper than modern dresses ( and maybe I'm the only one to experience this because I specialize in vintage - I don't know.)  Yes, sometimes vintage is less expensive but most of the time vintage does not look like the new "vintage inspired" dresses that designers are putting out these days.  (But I digress more on that subject in a previous post.)  The real issue is that looking for a bridal dress on Pinterest allows you to see ALL the options available in the world!  This is all well and good if you have the budget for it. I feel that it is a bit unfortunate for a bride to fantasize about dresses that are out of their price range instead of looking within their means at what is available for them. Once upon a time, before the internet (and I realize I shouldn't be singling out Pinterest as it's really the internet that has opened up the world to us in the first place), a bride would shop the stores in her area and choose a dress from what was available in stock.  If you wanted something unique and/or less expensive you would have one made for you.  As far as I can tell, all those brides from decades past were very happy with what was available to them.

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